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using the built-in PHP, the path is Macintosh HD/Library/WebServer/Documents/
php/First.php .
Next, open a browser and type in http://localhost/php/First.php and press Enter
or Return. Unlike a regular Web page, you have to call the i le from a browser. You can't just
double-click it on the desktop — localhost is the server's name that it runs on. Figure 16-2
shows what you'll see if everything is installed correctly.
Figure 16-2: PHP test page.
Your installed version may be dif erent, but that information tells you that PHP is installed on
your system and ready to go.
Before getting to something practical, the i rst few steps describe some basic syntaxes and
operations of PHP. PHP has many unique features, but it's very much like JavaScript with a
slightly dif erent set of symbols. h e most important fundamentals begin with PHP “catching”
data sent from the client. In order to emphasize the dif erence between client-side and
server-side operations, the PHP code will be divorced from an HTML5 wrapper.
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