HTML and CSS Reference
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Notice that in the URL window (the window where you put the HTML address) the reference
is to file:///Volumes/Macintosh HD/ instead of an http:// address. h at's because
the page is sitting on the computer's desktop. Also, you'll i nd that things looks dif erently if
displayed in a Windows environment than they do in a Macintosh one — even for the same
browser. (h e example page is just for illustration and does not select browsers for you.)
Google, famous for its search engine and maps, created its browser, Chrome, from the ground up
with HTML5 in mind. It has browsers for Apple, Windows, and Linux operating systems — all
available for free. Figure 1-5 shows the same exact Web page on the same computer as Figure
1-4 — see if you can detect the dif erences.
Figure 1-5: Google Chrome displaying the same HTML5 page as shown in Figure 1-4.
Other than the dif erent styles of the two browsers, it can be dii cult to see the dif erences in
the page. With a simple page, subtle dif erences won't af ect how your Web page looks.
However, as your pages get bigger and more complex, small dif erences can grow.
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