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One Web page development tool, Adobe Browserlab ( https://browserlab.adobe.
com ) lets you see how a Web page looks in dif erent browsers at the same time. Browserlab
can be run directly from Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, or you can visit the Adobe Browserlab
Web page. To get a little more dramatic dif erence, let's compare the sample Web page in
Firefox on a Macintosh with one in Windows 7 running Google Chrome. Figure 1-6 shows
what the side-by-side comparison looks like. (Graphics are not displayed.)
Figure 1-6: Comparing browsers in Adobe Browserlab.
Part of the dif erence is due to the ways in which Windows and the Macintosh operating
systems display text and user interfaces (UIs). Another view that Browserlab provides is called
an onionskin; it superimposes one over the other and you can see more precisely where text
and UIs appear. Figure 1-7 shows this dif erence.
h e blurrier an onionskin appears, the greater the dif erences in the way the Web page
materials are rendered. In Figure 1-6, you can see that the view is very blurry, indicating that
some key dif erences exist between the browsers and operating systems.
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