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When the conversion is complete, AME provides a number of dif erent generic display
formats. For example, Figure 11-5 shows what you can expect to see in a mobile device with a
horizontal display.
Figure 11-5: Displaying video in Adobe Device Central.
In looking at Figure 11-5, you have an excellent idea of what your video is going to look like
in the target device. Adobe Device Central provides several dif erent views so that you can
optimize the video prior to placing it on the Web.
Before turning to the many attributes of the video element, this section considers the whole
issue of creating videos and saving them on your computer. h e range of types of video
available for showing on the Web is wide, and making and storing them is equally varied.
Here only four are considered:
We b c a m s
Small camcorders
Standard camcorders
Screen video capture
h e focus is on getting the materials from the camera into a i le format that can be used
immediately or converted for use with HTML5.
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