HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
< h1 > Warm and Cool </ h1 >
< h2 > &nbsp;Switch between Warm and Cool & nbsp ;</ h2 >
To switch , select View > Page Style [ or Style ] from your browser menu and choose the
one you want . Use either the Opera or Firefox browser to start , and then test the
other HTML5 browsers .
</ body >
</ html >
h e rest of the usage is up to the browser. In testing the dif erent HTML5 browsers, at the
time of testing only the Opera and Firefox browsers actually had menu items for selecting
dif erent style sheets. If you plan to use alternate style sheets with a general set of browsers, be
sure to test them with this program i rst. Figure 7-1 shows the default setting in the Opera
browser with the style sheet selection open.
Figure 7-1: Displaying the warm style on the Opera browser.
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