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Configuring the pom.xml file
The first thing that is necessary to include in order to run an Arquillian test is the junit
dependency, which is required to run our unit tests:
In earlier chapters, we introduced the term Bill of Materials ( BOM ). Now, we will use the
Arquillian BOM in order to import versions of all Arquillian-related dependencies:
We're using Arquillian with JUnit (like mentioned before other possibilities are TestNG ,
Spock , JBehave , and Cucumber ) so we need to include the appropriate dependency:
After being done with the basic dependencies, we now have to specify the container against
which the tests will be run. Container adapters are available for the more important Java EE
Application Servers (WildFly, Glassfish, WebLogic, and WebSphere), as well as for some
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