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<host name="server2" xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:2.0">
Next, we need to specify that the host controller will connect to a remote domain control-
ler. We will not specify the actual IP address of the domain controller but leave it as a
property named jboss.domain.master.address .
Additionally, we need to specify the username that will be used to connect to the domain
controller. So let's add the user admin1234 , which we created on the domain controller
<remote host="${jboss.domain.master.address}"
Finally, we need to specify the Base64 password for the server identity that we included in
the remote element:
<security-realm name="ManagementRealm">
<secret value="QWxlc3NhbmRybzIh" />
<properties path=""
relative-to="jboss.domain.config.dir" />
<security-realm name="ApplicationRealm">
<properties path=""
relative-to="jboss.domain.config.dir" />
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