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<native-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm">
<socket interface="management"
port="${}" />
The final step is to configure the server nodes inside the host.xml file on both the
hosts. So, on the first host, we will configure server-one and server-two to add
them to main-server-group :
<server name="server-one"
<server name="server-two" group="main-server-group"
<socket-bindings port-offset="150"/>
On the second host, we will configure server-three and server-four to add them
to other-server-group :
<server name="server-three"
<server name="server-four" group="other-server-group">
<socket-bindings port-offset="150"/>
Please note that the auto-start flag value indicates that the server instances will not
be started automatically if the host controller is started.
For server-two and server-four , a port-offset value of 150 is configured to
avoid port conflicts. Okay, now we are done with our configuration. Assuming that the
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