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about/dashboards/index.html , and Figure 1-2 shows a chart representing
that distribution.)
Figure 1-2 . OpenGL ES version distribution
Note To demonstrate the use of both ES 1.x and ES 2.0 APIs in
an application, the GLES ACTIVITY application is provided in the
source code for this chapter. This application contains activities
Main and Second . The Main activity uses ES 1.x, whereas the
Second activity uses ES 2.0. To load this application into your
Eclipse workspace, under “File Menu,” select “Import,” and then
import the archive file from the Chapter1
OpenGL ES 2.0 constitutes such a huge share of distribution ( Figure 1-2 ), because of
widespread support from leading CPU and GPU manufacturing industries. (A com-
plete list of companies with their conformant ES 1.x/2.0 products can be found at
products#opengles .) The following vendors have actively participated in con-
solidating support for OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android since 2010:
(Leading GPU manufacturers)
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