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Figure 4-21 . 3D View header
3. Toggle “select all” by pressing the A key.
a. The default mesh “select-mode” (in the Edit
mode) is for vertices. So, when the A key is
pressed again, all vertices in the cube mesh are se-
b. In this default mode, when you use lasso-select
to select edges or faces, you aren't able to. Instead,
you can only select vertices.
Note The mesh select-mode is of the following
types: Vertex select , Edge select , and Face select .
c. Buttons highlighted in white border in Figure
4-21 are used to switch between mesh select-
modes. As stated-previously, the default mode is
Vertex select .
4. To create an equilateral triangle, lasso-select vertices, as shown in Fig-
ure 4-22 .
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