Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
▪ Mac OS X
▪ Windows
▪ FreeBSD
You can download Blender from the website . As it supports a
wide range of OSes, you should take care to get the appropriate version for your OS.
Note Blender works the same on Windows and Mac OS X, but the
keyboard on Mac does not have an Alt key. So, for all Blender ex-
amples demonstrated, replace the Alt key with the Option key, if you
are using Mac.
Before moving ahead, when you start Blender, be sure to load its factory settings by
selecting the option “Load Factory Settings” under the File menu, as shown in Figure
4-4 .
Figure 4-4 . Loading the factory settings
Blender has a number of modes for working with objects ( Figure 4-5 ).Here, we look
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