HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The function called verify() is defined with one parameter, a reference to a pass-
word object.
If the value of the password box is equal to the string letmein , the user is told he
can enter.
If the user didn't type in the correct password, he or she will be sent a message in
an alert box.
The HTML form named form1 starts here.
The input type is a password box. When the user types something into the box, a
series of dots appears.
The onBlur event handler function, called verify() , is invoked when the user
leaves the box and clicks his or her cursor anywhere else on the page. The purpose
of the handler is to check that the user typed in a correct password.
When the user clicks the button, the onBlur event handler is triggered. See Figures
11.30 and 11.31.
Figure 11.30 The password object.
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