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Figure 10.34 Bottom frame displays bookstore. If another bookstore is selected,
then you can use history.
The screen Object
The screen object is a property of the window object and is automatically created when a
user loads a Web page. It gives you access to the various properties of the user's screen
such as its height, width, color depth, and so on. These are listed in Table 10.17. This
can be helpful when designing pages that will require specific dimensions. For example,
if the user's available screen width is less than 650 pixels (640×480), you might want to
load a smaller image, whereas if it is over 1,000 pixels (1024×768), a larger image can
be loaded. There are no event handlers for this object. Example 10.22 displays the prop-
erties of the screen object shown in Table 10.17.
Table 10.17 Properties of the screen Object
What It Describes
The pixel height of the screen, minus toolbars, and so on.
The x coordinate of the first pixel, minus toolbars, and so on.
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