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Figure 1.9 Output from Example 1.3.
1.10.1 Versions of JavaScript
JavaScript has a history. Invented by Netscape, the first version was JavaScript 1.0. It was
new and buggy and has long since been replaced by much cleaner versions. Microsoft
has a scripting language comparable to JavaScript called JScript. Table 1.3 lists versions
of both JavaScript and JScript. For a discussion of JavaScript versions and development
Table 1.3 JavaScript Versions
JavaScript or
JScript Version
Browsers Supported
JavaScript 1.0 1996
Netscape Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0
JavaScript 1.1 1996
Netscape Navigator 3.0, Internet Explorer 4.0
JavaScript 1.2 1997
Netscape Navigator 4.0-4.05, Internet Explorer 4.0
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