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Table 1.3 JavaScript Versions (continued)
JavaScript or
JScript Version
Browsers Supported
JavaScript 1.3 1998
ECMA-232, Netscape Navigator 4.06-4.7x, Internet Explorer 5.0
JavaScript 1.5 2000
ECMA-232, Netscape Navigator 6.0+, Mozilla Firefox, Internet
Explorer 5.5+, JScript 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 6
JavaScript 1.6 2006
Mozilla Firefox, Safari
JavaScript 1.7 2006
Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome
JavaScript 1.8 2008
Mozilla Firefox
JavaScript is supported by Firefox, Explorer, Opera, and all newer versions of these browsers. In addition,
HotJava 3 supports JavaScript, as do iCab for the Mac, WebTV, OmniWeb for OS X, QNX Voyager and
Konqueror for the Linux KDE environment. NetBox for TV, AWeb and Voyager 3 for Amiga, and SEGA
Dreamcast and ANT Fresco on RISC OS also support JavaScript.
Figure 1.10 JavaScript2 and the Web, an informative paper by Brendan Eich.
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