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This table is illustrated in Figure 24-1 , with a solid border applied to the <td>
Figure 24-1. Example table
Table cells have borders and padding, but they do not have any margins; they have
border-spacing instead. Padding works the same as for other elements and behaves like
the cellpadding attribute in HTML.
The border-collapse property determines whether the table borders are collapsed into a
single border or separated.
border-collapse : inherit | separate | collapse
Normally, table cells have their own distinct borders and are separated by the
distance set with the border-spacing property. If the borders are set to collapse instead,
the cells share borders, and any value for the border-spacing property is ignored.
table { border-collapse: collapse; }
The <caption> element provides a label for a table. Its position can be changed using the
caption-side property.
caption-side : inherit | top | bottom
A caption is ordinarily displayed at the top, but it can also be positioned below the
table using the caption-side property. This property applies to the <caption> element,
but it can also be set for the <table> element because it inherits.
caption { caption-side: bottom; }
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