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A table cell without any content normally still displays its border and background. This
behavior can be changed with the empty-cells property.
empty-cells : inherit | show | hide
Setting the value for this property to hide causes the cell's border and background to
be hidden. The layout of the table is not affected.
The table-layout property determines whether the width of table cells should be fixed
or flexible. Unlike the other table properties, table-layout is not inherited.
table-layout : auto | fixed
This property is initially set to auto , which means that the width of table cells
automatically expands to fit their content, even if that means going beyond their set
width. To enforce a table's specified width, the table-layout can instead be set to fixed .
The horizontal layout then depends only on the table's set width, not on the content of
the cells.
/* Enforce table width */
.fixed { table-layout: fixed; }
A fixed table layout has the added benefit that the browser can render the table more
quickly because it knows the dimension of the table as soon as the first row is received.
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