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termine the IP address of the device when your router power cycles or if the BBB is dis-
connected for a few days.
If you prefer to use a WiFi connection instead of Ethernet, be aware that there are issues
with some dongles. Refer to this eLinux page for supported adapters: http://elinux.org/
Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack#WIFI_Adapters .
Editing the SSH configuration file
In order to connect to BBB, you need to type something similar to the following, but use
the BBB's IP address from the previous section:
ssh debian@
If you are a Windows user, you should consider using more Unixy tools on your host
since the BBB is running Debian anyway. You can install Cygwin ( ht-
tps://www.cygwin.com/ ) , which will give you a nice shell with the associated command-
line tools. Or, consider downloading VirtualBox ( https://www.virtualbox.org/ ) and in-
stalling a GNU/Linux distribution in a virtual machine.
The default username is debian and the default password is temppwd . If you only have
one device, typing this command may be manageable. Once you start collecting BBBs,
Raspberry Pis, pcDuinos, Cubieboards, Arduinos with a WiFly Shield, and so on, you will
have to remember each IP, username, and password. This can become annoying. For-
tunately, there are a few tricks that you can use to improve this situation.
First, you'll need a SSH private key. If you don't already have a key, you can generate one
on your host with the following command:
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
Now edit the ~/.ssh/config file. If you are doing this in Emacs, you can press C-x C-
f and then type ~/.ssh/config . Emacs keybindings are all bound to Emacs Lisp com-
mands (technically, there are a few basic commands implemented in C). The keybinding
C-x C-f is bound to the find-file function. An alternate, albeit longer, way to open a
file is to press M-x , type find-file , then open the file of your choice.
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