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If you are still unable to determine the IP address, you can buy a USB-to-serial adapter
cable. BBB has a serial debug header located inboard of the P9 header. You can attach the
USB-to-serial adapter to BBB's serial debug header, as shown in the following image:
In this figure, pin 1 (which is the black wire) is the ground, pin 4 is receive, and pin 5 is
transmit. Once physically attached, you'll need a terminal emulator to connect over the
serial connection. GNU Screen is a widely available, free, and robust software that will
connect with the following command; just replace /dev/tty.XXXX with the file of
your connection:
screen /dev/tty.PL2303-004014FA 115200
Lastly, you can set a static IP for your BBB. Your router may support a static lease fea-
ture, which will assign the IP of your choosing to the device when it performs a Dynamic
Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP ) request. The lease on this request can be indefin-
ite and, therefore, effectively provides a static IP. You can also set the IP statically on your
device, but then you will have to manage conflicts manually. Therefore, the preferred
method is to let the router handle this situation.
To find a serial debugging cable, see the eLinux page at http://elinux.org/Beagle-
board:BeagleBone_Black_Serial .
To take full advantage of the SSH configuration options in the following section, you'll
want to have a static IP set. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the previous steps to de-
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