Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Fourth row, from left to right:
Flip Tool
Lets you flip layers, selections, or paths either
horizontally or vertically.
Section 3.14.4
Text Tool
Adds text to an image or a layer.
Sections 3.7.2, 3.7.3, 3.7.4, 3.11.7
Bucket Fill Tool
Fills a selection with the current foreground color or
a pattern.
Sections 3.6.2, 3.9.3
Blend Tool
Fills a selection with a gradient blend.
Section 3.6.4
Pencil Tool
Draws free-hand lines with a hard edge.
Section 3.9.4
Paintbrush Tool
Paints fuzzy brush strokes.
Section 3.9.4
Fifth row, from left to right:
Eraser Tool
Removes areas of color from the current image, layer,
or selection.
Similar to Paintbrush Tool
Section 3.9.4
Airbrush Tool
Paints soft areas of color, similar to a traditional
Similar to Paintbrush Tool
Section 3.9.4
Ink Tool
Paints solid brush strokes like a drawing pen for
Similar to Paintbrush Tool
Section 3.9.4
Clone Tool
Draws with content selected from an image or with a
pattern; repairs and fills problematic areas in digital
Sections 2.71, 2.7.3, 2.7.4
Healing Tool
Removes small failures in images.
Sections 2.7.5
Perspective Clone tool
Allows you to clone image content to repair areas in
an image according to the desired perspective.
Section 3.5.6
Sixth row, from left to right:
Blur/Sharpen Tool
Blurs or sharpens an image depending on the tool
settings; sharpening doesn't function well in high-
resolution images.
Smudge tool
Smudges colors on the active layer or selection,
mixing them and so creating transitions.
Section 3.6.4
Dodge/Burn Tool
Lightens or darkens the colors in an image.
Section 3.6.2
Seventh row, from left to right:
Color Area: Change Foreground/Background color
Changes the foreground or background color and accesses the actual Color Picker
Section 3 .6.2
Note : Double-clicking the left mouse button on an icon in the Toolbox pops
up a window displaying the current tool settings, either as a docked window
or as a separate, floating window. The window displays options that can be
used to configure tools for specific tasks. For example: the Clone tool gives you
a choice between image cloning and pattern cloning. The Blur/Sharpen tool
allows you select between a brush to blur and a brush to sharpen an image.
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