Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
You can visit Dave Coffin's home page at http://www.cybercom.
net/~dcoffin/index.html. . You will find links to download the program file
for dcraw.c , the plug-in for Linux platforms. This plug-in has to be installed
before installing RawPhoto. The download for Linux can be accessed at or
rpm2html/search.php?queery=rawphoto . There aren't any versions of
RawPhoto available for Windows or Mac OS. However, if you are interested
in dcraw for Windows or Mac OS, you can download files from http://www. .
Visit the website at and navigate to
“Decoding raw digital photos in Linux”. You'll find installation instructions for
Linux, as well as some helpful hints.
If neither GIMP nor any of the plug-ins mentioned here can read the
RAW format of your camera, you can work around the problem by converting
your images to a “readable” file format, such as TIFF or PNG, using either the
software that came with your camera or a third-party application.
If no software is available from your camera manufacturer, you can use
IrfanViewer . IrfanViewer is a universal image viewer, but it can do much
more than view images (see section 1.4.4). In addition to the main program,
there is a secondary file containing plug-ins that support several proprietary
camera formats. I recommend that you download and install both of these
dcraw is included in UFRaw
and RawTherapee.
With these two files installed on your computer, IrfanViewer can read the
following file formats:
CAM —Casio Camera File (JPEG version only)
CRW/CR2 —Canon CRW files
DCR/MRW/NEF/ORF/PEF/RAF/SRF/X3F —camera formats
KDC —Kodak Digital Camera files
PCD —Kodak Photo CD
RAW —RAW image files
After opening an image, you can rename and save it in a suitable file
format, such as TIFF or PNG, using the File > Save as menu options. Alternatively,
you can use the batch-processing feature of IrfanViewer to simultaneously
convert large numbers of images by going to the File > Convert > Rename
Batch menu.
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