Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Furthermore, you will find several other programs to manage your images, to
create HDR images, and for calibrating your monitor under windows. The collection
of programs is supplemented with the currently available versions of GIMP hacks
as well as a collection of interesting plug-ins, script-fus, and GIMP themes.
Some of the files on the DVD, as well as most of the files available for
download on the Internet, are compressed ZIP archives. To unpack or
decompress such a file, you will need a piece of software or shareware, like the
popular WinZip ( for Windows or Stuit for Mac OS,
Linux, and Windows ( ( / ). You will also find the freeware
program 7zip (Windows) or p7zip (Linux) and 7zX (Mac OS) on the DVD, all of
which can be used to unpack files.
To view the PDF format of this topic from the CD, you need a PDF viewer,
such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (
readstep2.html) for all three operating systems, or GhostScriptViewer ( http:// for Windows or Linux.
The DVD additionally provides the following files and directories:
This folder, the subfolder Gardapanorama , and the subfolder Exposure
Bracketing contain all images that have been used as examples in this
book as reference. (All images copyright by Klaus Gölker except for
miami.tif, copyright by Julius Seidl, and moon.png, courtesy of NASA.
This folder contains the images used in the workshop exercises in the
book. For the most part, the images contain the layers too.
The subfolders contain all programs necessary for installing GIMP under
Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Moreover, you will find plug-ins and
additional auxiliary programs such as the programs mentioned earlier.
E-book version of the topic (in screen size) lets you look up and find
information quickly. (Goelker_GIMP2_6ebook.pdf ).
This html ile contains the Internet addresses mentioned in the topic. The
file opens in your browser. Click on the links to visit the websites.
• Installation references and link lists for the installation of GIMP on Mac OS
X (GIMP_InstallationOnMacOS.html).
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