Image Processing Reference
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5.6 What's on the DVD
First of all, you will ind this topic in PDF format ( Goelker_GIMP2_6ebook.
pdf ) on the DVD. You may want to copy this to your computer so that you
can quickly search for specific topics. The DVD also contains a folder named
SampleImages where you'll ind master copies of all images used in this topic.
You can use them to practice the exercises found in the tutorial. You will also
find the finished images from most exercises in the FinishedImages folder so
you can compare your work.
In addition, the DVD includes the GIMP installation files for three
operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. To download more recent
program versions or installation files, it is recommended that you visit the
websites listed in this topic. You can access them directly from the LinkList on
the DVD.
Windows users will find all files necessary to install the GIMP version 2.6
on the DVD, including various helper programs and plug-ins and the RAW
developer UFRaw. Linux users will find the GIMP source code for version 2.6.10.
Users of Mac OS version 10.5 and 10.4 (for both Intel and PPC Macs) will
find the installation file for GIMP version 2.6.10. The disc images already have
UFRaw installed. The help function will be installed from the applicationĀ“s
GIMP is open-source software that can be distributed for free under the
condition that the development software, or source code, is included in the
distribution. You don't have to install the source code unless you're a Linux
user or you want to further develop or reprogram the software. The source
code is not required to work with GIMP.
Open-source software is distributed under the GPL license, excluding all
warranties. Be aware of the fact that neither the author nor the publishing
company provide a warranty for the software shipped with this topic, nor do
they guarantee that it will operate without problems on your computer.
The DVD includes the IrfanViewer freeware program for Windows.
IrfanViewer is a free image viewer that does much more than view images
(See iview427-setup.exe and irfanview_plugins_427_setup.exe in the Programs
> Irfanviewer folder).
For those interested, the free basic version of FDRTools (an HDR
program) is included on the DVD ( FDRToolsBasic232.msi for Windows,
FDRToolBasic232_i386.dmg for Mac OS X Intel and FDRToolBasic232_PPC.dmg
for OSX Mac PowerPC). You will also find the open-source software Hugin for
stitching panoramic pictures ( Hugin_2009-4-0_win32_setup.exe , hugin-mac-
2010.0.0.dmg , hugin-2010.0.0.tar.gz )
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