Image Processing Reference
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3.14 Collages—Using Masks and
Selections to Cut and Paste Image
In the previous sections, I introduced you to several techniques for putting
images together or creating collages. I will now demonstrate further the
principle of collages by showing you examples of a simple procedure, an
automatic procedure, and a sophisticated procedure.
3.14.1 Copying an Image Object with the Help of
a Selection and Inserting It into Another Image—
the Procedure
The Copy and Paste functions in the Edit menu can be used to easily transfer
image objects from one image to another image. To copy and paste image
objects, the objects must be selected first. Then the border attributes can
be set by choosing Select > Feather and entering a value. The Edit > Copy
function pastes the selection into the global clipboard of your computer. The
Edit > Paste function pastes the selection on another image (or in another
application, such as a word processing program).
Here are the steps to copy an image object with the help of a selection
and inserting it into another image:
• Open the fenice_base.xcf and moon.png images from the SampleImages
folder on the DVD.
• The following option ofers the possibility to work precisely, but it
isn't essential: In the image moon.png , use guides to select a rectangle
around the moon. The guides should be used as tangents to the moon's
circumference. You can drag the guides into the image by clicking in the
rulers while holding the left mouse button. To subsequently correct the
guides, there is a setting in the Move tool .
• Draw a selection of the moon using the Ellipse Select tool (with the help
of the guides).
Within the Edit menu there is
another menu item, Paste as , that
lets you select to insert the clipboard
content in different ways:
Paste as > New Image opens a
new image window and pastes
the clipboard content into a new
Paste as > New Layer pastes the
clipboard content directly into a
new layer in the opened image.
You don't have to create a new
layer for a floating selection.
Paste as > New Brush creates a
new brush pointer in the Brushes
dialog from the content of the
Paste as > New Pattern creates
a new pattern in the Patterns
dialog from what is in the
Since version 2.4, you can transform and adapt selections that were made
with the Rectangle Select and Ellipse Select tools By holding the left mouse
button, you can grasp the visible edges or corners of the enclosing rectangle
(transformation frame) to adjust to the desired size and form. In the meantime,
you can work with other tools. When returning to the select tool, you simply
click into the selection and the transformation frame is available again. The
same is true for the Crop tool .
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