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Figure 3.95
Before the layers were assembled, the cyan/turquoise sky in the individual layers was corrected with Colors > Hue-Saturation and the
contrast in the mid-brightness range was adjusted with Colors > Levels or Colors > Curves. After it was assembled, the image was sharp-
ened with the Unsharp Mask filter (Filters > Enhance > Unsharp Mask)
3.13.3 Programs for Creating Panoramas
Several programs are available through the open-source community that
will automatically produce panoramic images. The tools Hugin and PTGui are
available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. Autostitch , a
tool available only for Windows, is easy to use but for JPEG files only. This one
is shareware. PanoTools is a plug-in for GIMP 2.0 (Windows). However, so far it
can't be used for the newer GIMP versions under Windows. But it is worthwhile
to download it as a stand-alone program.
Details on downloading, installing, and using Hugin, PanoTools, and Autostitch
can be found on the following sites:
Pandora is another GIMP plug-in for creating panorama images. You
can find the download and an introduction to the program at the following
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