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3.8.3 Vignettes for Images
In the early days of photography, creating photo vignettes was all the rage. For
example, an oval-shaped cutout overlay might be placed on top of a photo.
With the help of a select tool, it is easy to create a vignette. The vignette can
have any form that you can create with a select tool.
Follow these steps:
• Open the girl-color.png image from the SampleImages folder on the CD.
• Select the Ellipse Select tool from the Toolbox. Create an elliptic selection
in the image by clicking the upper-left image corner and pulling the
ellipse diagonally to the bottom-right corner.
• Choose Select > Invert . Click to invert the selection.
• Access the Select > Feather menu item to give your selection a wider
border feathering; 75 pixels will be appropriate for this image.
• Select the Edit > Clear item to delete the surrounding image contents
within the selection.
• Save your image.
Figure 3.56
The image with the selection for producing a vignette. The
image contents within the selection have been deleted.
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