Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Clicking the Preferences button opens a dialog in which you can set the
following options, depending on your printer:
• Page orientation ( Portrait or Landscape )
Media Choice (type of paper)
• Print type (color, gray levels, or black and white)
• Resolution (sometimes set automatically, depending on the paper
Depending on your printer, there may be more settings available, such as
paper size and other variables.
On the GIMP-specific Image Settings tab are various options to configure
the page setup, the image size, and the position of the image on the page.
Figure 2.34
The standard Windows print dialog.
Figure 2.35
The print dialog showing GIMP's Image Settings tab. Here you
can configure the page setup, image size, and image position.
Keep in mind that you can always burn your images on a CD and have
them printed at a photo shop.
Most large photo shops expose
with a resolution of 300 dpi and
accept only the JPEG file format. If
you plan to take your images to a
photo shop, collect and save them in
300 dpi resolution and JPEG format
before burning them on a CD.
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