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If the user enters a value that is not valid, the user agent warns the user, and the form
data is not submitted, as shown in Figure 3-12 .
Figure 3-12. A number spinner control in Chrome 12
Some user agents display this form field with a spinner control next to the field, while
others do not. On some touch-screen devices, the user agent displays a numeric
on-screen keyboard for this field.
For a browser support reference on the number input type, see Table 3-4 .
Table 3-4. Browser support for the number input type
10 Platform Preview 2
9.0+ ✓✓
User-friendly input fields
As always, it's important to think through the user experience when implementing the
number input type. For example, if you're asking for a US zip code using the number input
type, presenting a spinner control might confuse the user, since its purpose isn't well
known yet. On the other hand, you can't rely on all browsers displaying a spinner, so
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