HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
TABLE 1-1 HTML5 semantic markup
HTML5 element
Defines self-contained areas on a page
Defines smaller content areas outside the flow of a webpage
Defines the caption of a figure element
Defines content that contains a figure, such as an image, chart, or picture
Defines the bottom of a section or page
Defines the top of a section or page
Defines a group of headings (H1-H6 elements)
Defines text that should be highlighted
Defines navigation to other pages in the site
Defines the progress of the task
Defines the distinct content of a document
When designing a webpage, you don't necessarily need to use every available element.
Instead, use only the elements you need to get your job done.
Understanding the core structure of an HTML5 page
Although a browser can render any plain text file, to provide any structure to the document
the page must contain the basic elements that you are about to learn. Although this topic
assumes you have a basic understanding of how webpages are structured, the following
HTML code demonstrates the basic template of an HTML5 page:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<!-- page content goes here -->
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