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Objective 1.1: Create the document structure
Writing an HTML page can be very easy or very daunting, depending on your objectives.
Any HTML page renders in a browser even if it contains only plain text. But this type of web
application might not be effective at delivering your intended message or at providing inter-
activity to keep users coming back to the site for more. This is where HTML markup comes in
HTML enables you to apply a fluid and organized structure to webpages. Paired with a
powerful tool such as JavaScript, HTML5 lets you deliver highly interactive content that can
pique your users' interest. This objective focuses on the semantic elements available to you
in HTML5, which, along with JavaScript, allow you to create the rich end-user experience that
modern web users want and have come to expect.
The purpose of a document's structure is to tell the browser how the content should be
displayed. Without any declarative structure in your page, the browser won't detect any
structure, so it will lay out your content according to the rules implemented by its render-
ing engine. When using the HTML5 markup presented in this objective, you are telling the
browser to take your semantics into account when displaying the page. Going forward, new
releases of browsers will incorporate more and more of the HTML5 standards into their
rendering engines.
The exam will test your ability to use HTML5 semantic markup to create webpages and
your ability to optimize webpages for use on screen readers. The exam will also cover the
effect that the HTML5 semantic markup will have on search engine optimization.
This objective covers how to:
Use HTML5 semantic markup
Create a layout container in HTML
Optimize for search engines
Optimize for screen readers
Using HTML5 semantic markup
Table 1-1 lists the HTML5 semantic elements as defined by the specification. These elements
make up the core of HTML5. As such, understanding the definition and proper usage of each
element is critical to successful completion of the exam. In the following sections, you will use
each of these semantic markup elements to create a complete document structure.
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