HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Implement and manipulate
document structures
and objects
Web developers today need to understand the complexities of the constructs involved in
building interactive and dynamic applications with HTML
and JavaScript. The introduction of HTML5 brought a new
standard for defining the structure of your webpages as
well as changes in how you interact with them via script.
This chapter demonstrates how to create HTML5
documents with the new HTML5 semantic markup. You'll
explore the process of creating the code required to
manipulate and interact with HTML5 markup and applying
styles to HTML5 elements.
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pass the exam.
HTML markup is referred to as both HTML tags and HTML elements . These terms are often
used interchangeably. This topic refers to the HTML markup as elements.
Objectives in this chapter:
Objective 1.1: Create the document structure
Objective 1.2: Write code that interacts with UI controls
Objective 1.3: Apply styling to HTML elements programmatically
Objective 1.4: Implement HTML5 APIs
Objective 1.5: Establish the scope of objects and variables
Objective 1.6: Create and implement objects and methods
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