HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 10-10. The project www file listing
You will see that we have added the BSBingo.html file to the www folder.
This is not necessary , but it makes it easier to edit and copy code into
the index.html file.
Setting the Orientation
It is important to note that Safari Mobile and iOS applications render the screen in
different ways. A Safari Mobile application can be set to automatically scale to fit in the
iOS device's window, while a pure iOS application needs to be coded to fit the size of
the target device. If an application targeted to the iOS platform is taller or wider than
the device, the application will automatically be put into “scroll” mode.
We set the width of our application to be 570 and the height to be 418. The height will
fit fine in either Landscape or Portrait orientation, but the width will only fit in Land-
scape (without scrolling). For this reason, we will want our application to run in
Landscape mode only.
To set the application to default to Landscape and not allow Portrait, we must make
some changes to a file called chapter10_bs_bingo-info.plist , which is in the root folder
(the parent of the www folder) for our project.
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