HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Open this file and you will see settings called “Supported interface orientations” and
“Supported interface orientations (iPad)”. You will want to be sure to have four entries
in each that allow only the “Landscape (left home button)” value. See Figure 10-11 for
an example.
The iPad entries are only necessary if you are targeting that platform.
There is a separate PhoneGap project created by the template for iPad-
targeted projects.
Figure 10-11. Setting Landscape orientation
Next, we will customize the banner and icon for our application.
Changing the Banner and Icon
We have the option of changing the startup banner and “desktop” icon for our appli-
cation to customized graphics.
In the root folder of our project, we will customize two image files. default.png is the
banner image that shows up when the application starts. icon.png is the “desktop” icon
that remains on the iOS device just like any other installed application.
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