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Figure 10-1. BS Bingo in Safari Desktop Edition
Next, we will look at how to use PhoneGap to turn this simple game into a native iOS
Creating the iOS Application with PhoneGap
You will need to install and set up two tools to get an iOS application up and running
on your iOS device simulator: Xcode, a free application development IDE from Apple,
and PhoneGap. Let's start with Xcode.
Installing Xcode
Xcode actually comes packaged on the installable operating system DVD for Snow
Leopard, but this version will not be as up-to-date as the version available on the Apple
developer website.
First, you will want to visit the iOS Developer Center:
center/ios/index.action . Once there, you can create a free user account, which you will
need to download Xcode and the latest iOS developer SDK. You will also need to create
a paid account if you would like to test or deploy on a physical device and/or sell your
application in the iTunes Store. You do not need a paid account to build and test your
application in the SDK and the included iOS device simulators.
Download and install the latest version of Xcode and the iOS SDK. This is a large
download (3.5 GB at the time of this writing). See Figure 10-2 .
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