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with conch fritters, a West Indian appetizer, move onto a sa-
vory dish of stir fried shrimp with Chinese vegetables and
close with lemon mousse.
Unlike St. Thomas, many restaurants are open for both
lunch and dinner. Lunch is served from 11 to 3. The most
popular dinner hours are 8-9:30 and dinner reservations
are an absolute must , since restaurants are small and
people linger to listen to the entertainment that many res-
taurants offer.
There are few inexpensive places to eat on St. Croix. One of
the reasons for this is that virtually all food is imported and
the shipping costs get passed down to you. You can however,
eat in the island's finest restaurants and, by prudent selec-
tion, stick to a moderate budget.
Guests at Carambola and Buccaneer “dress” for dinner;
otherwise, informality is the key word. “Dress” here means
casual chic - not suits and ties. Wear whatever you enjoy.
Christiansted's restaurants are all within a five-block rect-
angle and you can easily walk from one to the other or to the
nearby boites. If you choose an out-of-town place and do not
have a car, the staff will call a taxi for you.
Frederiksted's dining scene has been revitalized with a
spate of interesting restaurants, all near the new pier. Aim
for sunset, which is spectacular here.
A few of the upscale restaurants
close in September and October to
allow for refurbishing and for devel-
oping new dishes.
Money Matters
Credit cards are accepted in hotel restaurants and
most of the others as well. Check when you make
your reservation. Tips are not included in your bill
and you should tip as you would on the mainland.
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