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with cooking and eating utensils, hot and cold running wa-
ter and beds. Communal bathrooms, hot showers, campfire
cooking equipment and a camp library are available as well.
There are also tent campsites, but you'll have to supply the
gear. The farm has vegetable and herb gardens, tropical
fruit orchards and a live-in tortoise colony. Although the
farm appears to be in the middle of nowhere, it is only two
miles to Sprat Hall Beach and the Sunset Grill Restaurant.
The farm is about 10 minutes from Frederiksted.
Best Places to Eat
Dusk is a lovely time of day in Christiansted.
The dazzling sun starts to drop beyond the har-
bor and the picturesque streets and alleys are
bathed in a mellow light. Find yourself a niche
on the waterfront promenade or your hotel ter-
race to savor the hush that settles over the busy
marina. Soon, twinkling lights will appear in the town -
many of them at small restaurants.
A lot of St. Croix's better restaurants are in hotels, but their
menus are not the usual antiseptic fare one expects in hotel
dining rooms. These restaurants compete with the island's
privately owned eateries (indeed, many of the hotel restau-
rants are privately run) and they reflect this competitive
spirit both in their bills of fare and their ambience.
While the island has a score of restaurants that have been
around for years, others pop up for a time and, unfortu-
nately, close as quickly. A new restaurant then occupies the
same space within a few weeks.
Please let us know about your favorites so we can include
lishing, 30 Campus Drive, Edison NJ 08818.
While there are a few ethnic restaurants, most offer interna-
tional menus drawing dishes from several sources. This
makes for an interesting dining experience. You can start
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