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mained intact. Look for these strange hybrids as you walk
through town. The Victoria House on Strand Street near
Market Street was a residence built in the late 17th century.
It is a perfect example of the “new architecture.”
Continue along Strand Street to Queen Cross. The Old Li-
brary was in the building that has bells in the staircase.
The building was once owned by the Bell family. Cumber-
land Castle on the next corner is another lovely old build-
ing. Turn left on Queen Street to the Apothecary Hall . The
two-story building has the town's most unusual architec-
ture. Two blocks away, on your right, is the Market , which
has been here since 1751.
The town houses a half-dozen historic churches that you
might care to explore. St. Paul's Anglican Church has
been restored. It's on Prince and King Cross Streets.
There are several points of interest near Frederiksted. They
are detailed below.
Seeing the Rest of St. Croix
The Virgin Islands Tourist Bureau has several pamphlets
that outline car tours exploring different parts of St. Croix.
Each lasts an hour or two and is simple to follow. Stop into
the tourist offices on Company Street and on Strand Street
in Christiansted for maps. If you choose not to follow a
mapped tour, you can get a feel for the island by driving from
Christiansted to Frederiksted. Drive along the northern
road, which passes posh residential areas, exclusive condo-
miniums, lovely beaches, the Carambola Golf Course and
the rainforest, before descending into Frederiksted. Return
along Centerline Road making a stop at Whim Great House.
St. Croix Heritage Trail
This granddaddy of all driving trails was completed in the
spring of 2000. It traverses the entire 28-mile length of St.
Croix, linking Frederiksted and Christiansted and the
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