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2. Why CAD Engineering is Essential for Small Manufacturing
Now more than ever, Small Manufacturers are under commercial pressure to bring new qual-
ity products to market quickly. Also for many businesses, production needs to be high qual-
ity, efficient and fast. Whether you are in the business of developing products for launch,
or alternatively a manufacturer whose production could really benefit from computer aided
manufacturing (CAM), or better jig and fixture design, 3D CAD has got something for
you . In the experience of many small manufacturers who have taken the 3D CAD plunge,
they find it yields benefits in so many unexpected areas throughout the business.
What small manufacturers need then, is a straightforward explanation of 3D CAD Engineer-
ing, it's benefits across the business, together with how best to justify the investment to seni-
or managers. Following this, clear implementation and integration information is provided,
for maximum benefit.
Ideas need to be relevant to small engineering businesses and easy to understand, such that
they can be applied quickly and conveniently in the workplace. What's more, everybody
knows how tough it is out there financially. So options need to be low cost .
Note: CAD Engineering, as described here, includes 3D Computer Aided Design and de-
rived technologies like simulation analysis (for example FEA and CFD), 3D Printing and
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Here, 3D CAD refers to three-dimensional models,
whereas 2D CAD is essentially technical drawings.
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