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1. Introduction
Welcome to CAD Engineering Essentials - a straight talking guide written to deliver step-
change improvements to your engineering business, by unleashing the power of Computer
Aided Design. The focus is very much on results - bringing full CAD Engineering benefits
to small manufacturing businesses. OK, so who is this for? Importantly, could you benefit?
Do you want to get more out of your 3D CAD software by doing what the best per-
forming engineers and manufacturers do?
Maybe you've wanted to get into this for a while and are considering implementing
3D CAD, perhaps making the leap from 2D?
Alternatively, do you want to benefit by fully exploiting 3D data in other areas like
CAM, tooling and inspection or perhaps 3D Printing?
Larger engineering businesses have been reaping the benefits of CAD and CAM for years,
often investing significantly, before seeing a return over and above what they expected.
Now with the cost of computing plummeting, CAD training widely accessible and CAD and
CAM software far more intuitive and user-friendly, the time has never been better for small
manufacturers to modernise, professionalise and reap big benefits for their development and
production activities. CAD Engineering has the power to help you deliver superior quality,
better functioning products to market, faster.
For the individual engineer, they are quite simply some of the most sought after skills in
industry. CAD expertise does wonders for your employability. Here's how you can get in-
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