HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 14.8
A flexible,
layout using
calc() .
In the previous code, the available width of the container is split shared
by the margins between the boxes (the four vertical side borders), with
the remaining area split evenly between the two flexible columns. The
arithmetic you would use to calculate what is left over after the fixed
area is 100% - 10px - 4px. That area split between each column and
cleaned up a bit is 100%/2 - 14px/2.
calc() will be supported in upcoming browsers including Internet
Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.
Transformations and Rotations
Using CSS transforms, you can rotate, skew, or scale elements.
Transforming an element does not change the flow of a document;
instead, the element takes up its pretransformed shape in the document
much in the same way that relative positioned elements behave.
The transform property is used to define one or more
<transform-functions> for the specified element.
none : No transform is applied.
<transform-function> : The description of a transform to be applied
to an element.
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