HTML and CSS Reference
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Common CSS Frameworks
Far from a comprehensive listing, here are a few frameworks that have
become popular because of the quality of their code and their flexibility.
Blueprint ( ) provides a broad starting point
for starting to build a site including a reset, layout grid tools, and base-
line typographic and form styling. There are also plug-ins or examples for
common content elements such as tabs, buttons, and iconography.
The 960 grid system ( ) takes a 960-pixel area and allows
you to specify a 12- or 16-column grid with 20-pixel gutters between
them. This split, and the code that is generated and provided for you
to place content in the grid, allows you to quickly put a page layout
together. The sizing and spacing rules offer a very controlled grid to
design a site from without being too restrictive.
Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS)
As much code philosophy as framework, Object Oriented CSS ( http:// or ), spearheaded
by Nicole Sullivan, focuses on content elements first. It breaks down the
content into pieces and modules and uses their similarities to define
a common language of content labels applied as class names. This is
particularly useful for large sites because it takes full advantage of the
cascading aspects of CSS to help maintain consistency across the many
different content types typical of larger web sites.
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