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YUI Library
The Reset file I mentioned earlier is just a small part of the YUI Library.
The larger project is comprised of a baseline set of CSS files , baseline
JavaScript files, and components for common web application interface
components such as cookie access, drag-and-dropped elements, date
pickers, and sliders. Similar interface widget libraries are available from
jQuery UI,, and MochaUI. They all provide a collection of
widgets to choose from and rules for embedding and skinning those
content elements, but they do not offer the more general reset and
framework aspects that YUI does.
Why Not Use a Framework?
Like any other tool, frameworks are developed with certain priorities
based on the specific problems developers are attempting to solve. As
they evolve, they may become more generic, but each framework main-
tains these priorities that are sometimes not the same as your needs on
any given project.
For instance, the YUI tools tend to be a bit more web application focused,
and OOCSS works best when the site is complex enough to have the
depth of content types to manage. Attempting to go against the grain
will cause you to write more code than what you'd save and will cause
you more headaches than starting from scratch.
Beyond Frameworks
Frameworks provide a starting point to begin developing a web site,
but they don't change how you write and edit CSS code. All the rules of
inheritance, specificity, source order, and syntax discussed in this topic
continue to apply for any site-specific code you add on top of a chosen
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