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raise their blood pressure and drive them away. Underwhelm them with a clean and simple
design rather than overwhelm them with gimmicks.
Your Message
Your website is your silent salesperson, your billboard and storefront, and face of the busi-
ness. You need to give your potential customers a reason to stay on the site and give them
an answer to the question “what can I get out of being here?”
This doesn't mean that you need to give away a free computer for visiting or movie tickets
for clicking the Facebook “Like” button. What you should give your customers is inform-
ation, advice, help with a problem, opportunities to solve a dilemma, or a link to a useful
page. This is what your business is going to be designed for. It's why you're starting your
computer repair business. You are providing a solution to customers who have a problem,
and all you need to do is convince them that you are the best place to provide that solution.
Make it easy for your customers to follow links to pinpoint their specific needed repair,
then offer a competitive price and you'll make a sale.
Graphics & Colors
You should know that speed is the key to keeping visitors on your site. Your potential cus-
tomers will get impatient if it takes too long for pages to load, so keep the sizes of your
graphics in mind when they are being created, ideally keeping each graphic under 6k to 8k
Graphics are an extremely important part of your site, so you will want to create original
graphics for your original site. Never copy graphics from another site—not only is it a
copyright infringement, it is in bad taste. Anyone can steal someone else's hard work; it's
up to you to come up with original work that will keep your customers excited to see what's
behind the next link!
Graphics can also quickly tell the story on a page. You can help your site's “skimmability”
by placing graphics in strategic locations with small blurbs of text to keep readers focused
on your goal—to complete an order. Since your site is going to be all about computer repair,
then you should have a picture of a broken device, a picture of yourself repairing a device,
and a picture of a repaired device. This “story” is easy to “read” and it makes sense on your
site. Including a “how it works” storyboard is very appealing and helps ease the customer
into trusting your brand. At least you can show that you are human, you really work on
computers, and you have some experience. A picture is worth a thousand words. And in
this case, you can make a sale without words. Once again, this is an amazing concept!
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