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merce solution, or you will hire a service to get things going for you. If you do hire this
process out to a separate firm, make sure that you will have the ability to make changes,
add new services, and otherwise update the website at your location. Also get in writing
that you are the sole owner of the site and have full rights to your website data after the
initial setup is completed. Don't get caught in a contract that requires you to spend a bucket
full of money just to change the business hours on your “About Us” page unless that's what
you're looking for!
All websites must take into consideration several factors. Designing an effective website
requires more than just facts on a page, then uploading it to the web. In fact, in this industry
I would bet that your website will be just as effective as your telephone number when it
comes to making sales. It's a silent salesperson that conveys information—important in-
formation—to your prospective clients before they even have a chance to talk to you. For
this simple reason, you are going to want a wellthought-out website that gives you the up-
per hand when customers are shopping for a firm to use when they need a computer repair.
You should strive above all to be clean and engaging in every aspect of the website design,
or you may quickly lose your audience.
Before you begin, consider your audience: customers who are in need of computer repair.
Then put yourself into their shoes. Perform an Internet search as if you were a customer,
then read the results that come up. While you're doing this, get out your notepad and start
taking notes on things that you like, what some of the competition is doing to make a sale,
and overall design cues that appeal to you. Truthfully, the design of your site needs to ap-
peal to you too, since you will be staring at it, well, for the entire time you are in business!
Websites are somewhat like a family tree. Use your notepad to draw out what you might
like this tree to look like. Start at the bottom of your paper and draw a square (to represent
a single page on your website) and write “Home Page” in it. This is where your tree will
start. Every website has a home page, also known as the first page. This is the page that
will pop up when you type your domain name into a search bar on the Internet, so of course
this page needs to be amazing!
The home page is the roots and trunk of your tree. Next draw a short line upward (to rep-
resent the branch, or “link,” on your website) connecting to another square (page). What
should you put in this square? “About Us.”
Your “About Us” is a critical component within your website that many customers will use.
Look at other website About Us pages.They list hours of operation, addresses, contact in-
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