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Getting Started
With all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together in your plan, it's time to start making
your dreams of being a business owner become a reality. In today's Internet world just
about every man, woman, and school-aged child is connected to the web via smartphone or
computer. You need to build a website.
Getting a website up and live will present to the world a technologically astute business
that has a storefront, at least on the Internet. Again, this is Business 101 in this century and
you will find that your website will quickly become one of the most valuable pieces of your
At this stage of the game you're going to want to secure your funding, and it's a great time
to approach your bank if you need to borrow some money or ask for special financing.
Knowing how much business capital you have at the outset is going to be a very important
step of the process.
Additionally, once you start taking orders and bringing customer units into your location,
you are going to want to have a business insurance policy in place. Get this going as soon
as you anticipate your first sale. There is liability that comes with receiving a customer at
your office and then being responsible for the expensive electronic device left with you. In
business you should make sure to err on the side of caution, and a typical business liability
insurance policy is quite affordable.
Building Your Website
Think of your website as a necessary facet of your business.Whether you create it yourself
or whether you use an outside source to complete your website, this process will take time
and capital. Most importantly, the text and “body” of the website will need to be custom
written and this will most certainly come from you, the business owner, as there is no one
more closely aware of the way your business needs to be portrayed to the public.
By now you have your domain name (which will be the name of the site as found on the In-
ternet), your business name (as registered with the IRS), and your logo (graphic branding),
so you are ready to get started with the building and release of your website—aka online
Building websites is a topic in itself, with many topics and publications written on the sub-
ject. We cannot take the plunge into how to create a website from scratch, so we will pro-
ceed under the assumption that you have basic website knowledge, you will use an e-com-
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