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Cover Sheet
The cover sheet of your business plan should simply include the name of business, name
of principal (you), address, and telephone number of business.
NEWCO, LLC Mr. John Doe ANYTOWN, USA (555) 555-5555
Table of Contents
Here is a sample of a typical Table of Contents (each entry would be followed by the cor-
responding page number).
Executive Summary and Statement of Purpose 00
Keys to Success 00
Mission 00
Objectives 00
Business Objectives 00
Financial Objectives 00
Marketing Objectives 00
Company Description 00
Company Summary 00
Company Ownership 00
Start-up Summary 00
Services and Products 00
Marketing Plan 00
Market Segmentation 00
Competition and Buying Patterns 00
Operations 00
Management Plan 00
Personnel Plan 00
Personal Balance Sheet 00
Start-Up Funding 00
Important Assumptions 00
Financial Plan 00
Start-Up Expenses 00
Cash-Flow Projection 00
Balance Sheet 00
Appendices 00
Executive Summary & Statement of Purpose
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