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I had a couple of banners made, added some flags on the back, and entered every parade I
could get in to. I asked for volunteers to help me as I drove this beast in and around our city
to advertise my business. guess what? It worked. people love the fact that it's a restored
piece of history, and it appeals to a lot of people when I drive it. I still own this transport,
and every year tens of thousands of people see it with my business name, website, and tele-
phone number along the side as we rock the parade scene.
Nontraditional marketing works.
your business or a percentage off of your services for every 1,000 feet you fall. Donate a
percentage to charity and have a custom parachute made with your logo on it. This par-
ticular stunt may be an exorbitantly expensive and risky proposition for a new business;
however, it would certainly gain some attention!
I suggest as you perform your first guerrilla marketing advertisement, be patient. Then
come up with another ad. As you continue to impress, customers will remember you. These
techniques can work well if you have the courage.
Another fantastic way to bring people to your website is to use Google's “Pay-PerClick”
advertising. In fact, it can bring immediate sales and most certainly bring new customers
to your website every day that you run your ads. This is a service that gets you on the front
page of the Google search in which you advertise.Try a Google search of your own and
take a look at these sponsored links, which typically show up as the top three results and
along the right-hand side of the page.
For example, let's say that you want to offer Dell laptop keyboard repairs. Within the ac-
count that you open for your Google AdWords, you can set up a pay-per-click campaign
titled “Dell Repairs,” and then within that campaign you'd set up the keywords “Dell
Laptop Keyboard Repairs.” Google will then report back to you how much other businesses
are paying for that word combination. The more you pay, the higher you'll land on the list
of advertisers.
So you understand this more, the account team at Google will be happy to assist. Addi-
tionally scores of Google-trained businesses will evaluate and manage your payper-click
campaigns for a fee; in the long run it may be worth the expense.
Google isn't the only pay-per-click option out there. Facebook.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com,
and even Bidadvertiser.com offer plans to meet any budget.
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