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There's a brave new world out there in the marketing field and it's all about video. YouTube
is quickly becoming as widely used as any other website on the Internet. Why? Because
you can find a video of just about anything that you're looking for because most likely
someone (like you) has recorded it and posted it.
I'm not going to beat around the bush—there is a lot of junk video on YouTube, but if you
can sift through the rubble and get to the video that you want to see, it can be an invaluable
source of information.
The nice part about YouTube is that you can “monetize” your videos. Monetize, as in
“money.” You can make money by allowing others to advertise just before, or within (as
an overlay), your posted videos. This works well when you have a video that is producing
a lot of views. There are entrepreneurs out there making some amazing videos and living
solely off the monetization of their videos. Intrigued? Make yourself some money!
The problem lies in the fact that a junk video will not make you any money. This is where
living and thinking like your customer will come in handy. As you progress in your busi-
ness adventure, think about making an instructional “how-to” video for something that you
service. I would be willing to bet that there are plenty of people who want to see a video on
your very subject. When your customer sees a well-made video, sees a link to your website
or even you in the video wearing a T-shirt that has your telephone number across the front,
you will get business from the exposure.
Additionally, YouTube is a free website, and you cannot beat free. Once you get your free
video posted, try pasting a link onto your Facebook profile page and watch the views add
LinkedIn is a professional website and is touted as the world's largest professional network
with over one hundred seventy-five million members, and growing rapidly. LinkedIn con-
nects you to your trusted business contacts and helps you exchange ideas, thoughts, and
opportunities with a broad range of professionals. In fact, I have a friend who had a clean
and well-maintained LinkedIn page, was called by Apple, Inc., and was offered a full-time
permanent position in Cupertino, California. He wasn't looking for a job, but his LinkedIn
page did the work for him and landed him a fantastic position in his field of expertise.
Twitter is a site that I just didn't believe in at first, but if you see me now, I'm an active
Twitter contributor.
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