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The popularity of social-media sites is undeniable and they are here to stay. For each of
these sites, you should immediately register a user name (and tie it to your business name),
as it will be inevitable that you'll be reading Twitter and hitting the “Like” button on Face-
book as a representative of your new venture.
I'm sure that you've at least heard about Facebook. It doesn't matter if you're a grandparent
or a kindergartner, it's come up sometime in your presence in the last year. If you didn't
understand what it was, that's OK, but you're going to want to get to know this little mar-
keting gem of a website, and it can be absolutely free.
There's a lot of talk about “Liking” and “Likes” on Facebook, and for the entrepreneur this
is the heart of the issue.
First, Facebook is a “social” site in that you can connect your Facebook page with a friend's
page. Keep adding friends, and you build your friend list. There are some Facebook users
who are merely friend “collectors” and the user with the most friends “wins.”While this is
an intriguing and frankly addicting goal, it seems that I know only about thirty people in
my immediate world but I have over three hundred “friends” on my Facebook page. Face-
book considers a “friend” anyone who accepts an invitation from a user.
It's a good idea to start a Facebook business page, separate from your personal page, that is
solely dedicated to your business and what you can offer. This is a smart idea because you
will garner friends from all walks of life on your business page who might not necessarily
be interested in your personal habits. Also, Facebook does not allow you to run a business
from your personal page.
Nevertheless, all of these connections make a huge network of people, a long chain from
one Facebook page to the next that connects millions of pages to one another. Let's say I
post an interesting link on my Facebook page that one of my friends passes on to his Face-
book page. Then one of his friends (whom I don't know) likes the link and passes it on to
his Facebook page. There's an interesting chain of postings that all derived from your pro-
file. If you're in business for yourself, why not post some interesting business information,
like a sale or giveaway?
It will be spread through the Facebook world, and the idea is to have this large network of
people at your fingertips, then drive them back to your profile page, and then to your web-
site to make a sale at your business. Is there something wrong with this picture? Absolutely
not. As you do so, you'll also gain friend “invitations” that will grow your immediate net-
work of “friends” and therefore add to the first level of exposure for you and your business.
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