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Figure 4-11. The text-indent property automatically indents the first line in each text block
Ti you can't use text-indent to indent an entire block of text. you'll learn how to do that in Chapter 6 by
adjusting the text's padding or margins.
If you specify a negative value for text-indent , it creates a hanging indent with the first line protruding to
the left, as shown in Figure 4-12 .
Figure 4-12. A negative value for text-indent creates a hanging indent
Compare Figures 4-11 and 4-12 . he text-indent property affects only the first line, shifting it right or left
relative to the remaining text. The hanging indent is made possible by the fact that the paragraphs have a left
margin of 40 pixels (margins are covered in Chapter 6 ). Without the margin, the text in the hanging indent would
disappear of the left of the browser window.
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